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Ciera and Dayna, the Owners

When You Say Yes was started by Ciera and Dayna after Ciera said "Let's starting a wedding business!" and Dayna responded with a "Sure! Why not?" Which is pretty much how things go between the two since their friendship began four years ago.


When You Say Yes is a small, but impactful business based out of Fargo, North Dakota.  We are committed to doing our part in making your wedding planning journey as stress-free as possible.  We pride ourselves in excellent communication and unbeatable rates for our individual services and package options.  We are here for you from the moment When You Say Yes, to when you say I do.


About Us

I am Ciera Sherman and I am the officiant with When You Say Yes.  I am also a full time wife and social worker. I have four animals; two dogs named Peanut and Corn Dog and two cats named Harold and Milton. 

Did you know, historically, brides stand on the left side of the groom so his sword hand is free to fight off any enemies?   I am pleased to inform you that no swords will be needed at an When You Say Yes ceremony.  At least I hope not.  As a 2017 bride I know the struggles of trying to plan a wedding and find the perfect vendor that also somehow fits in your depleting budget.  I have been there and When You Say Yes wants to be the solution for you!


About Dayna

Hi, my name is Dayna Meshefski and I am the designer for When You Say Yes. I'm just trying to figure out life along with the accompaniment of my overly spoiled puppy, Arlo.

I have a degree in Graphic Communications and currently work full-time as a Multimedia Developer. I don't really know how to explain what either of those are, but it is what I do. All that really matters is that I'll bring those skills into my designs whether its for a photo booth strip or your wedding invites. After all, When You Say Yes is about helping you.

When You Say Yes Officiant/Owner

When You Say Yes Designer/Owner

When You Say Yes


I am Andrew Sherman and I am the When You Say Yes photographer and Ciera's husband. You heard me, I am married to one of the owners and I consider the other owner, Dayna, one of my closest friends as well. Photography has been a passion of mine for over 6 years. I love taking everyday things or moments and making them beautiful. My favorite subjects to photograph are brides and bands. As an event photographer you want someone that can predict an amazing moment before it happens and capture it. That is what I will bring to your wedding day. I can make you feel like I am not even there but still have an undeniable presence. So book us today for one or all of our services, I promise you won't regret it.